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About Mediawig

What is a “MediaWig?”

MediaWig… media that sticks in your head!

Start with “what is an earwig?” Though drenched with legend (aka bogus folklore) about entering the ear canal (and the speculative nasty details which follow), a story encouraged by a Star Trek bit (poor Chekhov), the earwig is only a common insect.

But the MediaWig. That is a different creature. MediaWig puts a brighter spin on the tale and creates uncommon results.

Our friendly earwig works avidly to get into the heads of your customers with your message, your company’s image and does indeed create legendary lasting impressions.

We craft it that way.

MediaWig is a full-service communications firm offer marketing communications, web development and consulting. Check out our full list on the Services page.

We have the tools, the creativity, the drive and the expertise.

Let us get into your head.


MediaWig is an agency without boundaries. With bases in the Southeast (North Carolina) the Midwest (St. Louis) and the West Coast (Anaheim), we provide interactive communication solutions locally and nationwide: branding and identity, end-to-end web and multimedia design and support, custom application development and a full range of marketing communications services.

We are immersed in the marketing process. We thrive on work that is creative yet clear, client-approved yet customer-centered, and we live for results. We work hard to develop relationships with clients who look forward to growth, new and established successful companies who understand the value of strong identity supported by innovative technology. We focus on our clients, their needs, their objectives. Our only job is to hear their objectives and needs and to present them creatively, coherently and clearly to the markets.

We're committed to flexible, elegant, user-friendly, cross-platform technology solutions.

We're a relatively small group and we like to see ourselves as small, flexible, fast-moving with excellent ideas. We have friends/partners all over the world to help us make those ideas come alive.


Physically located in Raleigh, NC and St. Louis, MO MediaWig considers its offices in the locations, the cultures and the minds and hearts of our customers.

David H. Ford

David landed in NC via Munich at the end of 2002. Originally from Illinois, David combines 15 years experience in graphic design with a strong portfolio of web development and multimedia production, highlighted by 5 years in Europe, where he worked for several design firms and ad agencies in Germany. In addition to speaking geek AND design lingo, he is also a fluent speaker of French and German.

Harry Ford

A career marketing/communications/sales professional, Harry has 25 years of business experience ranging from advertising to product management to sales and marketing management. He has spent much of his career working with a diverse base of retail, manufacturing and non-profit firms.Primarily a concept and copy guy, Harry’s rules for successful marketing communications are:

  1. Keep your eye on the ball and your hands on the bat.
  2. Maintain an entrepreneurial immersion in the business whether it is yours or your customers.
  3. Have a good time while doing your very best work.

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